Duval Family

brock wood restoration 1 
The Duval family called us to restore their beautiful log home, the finish was over 5 years old and had begun to darken and grow mold is places. The logs were not sanded and prepared properly during the initial building and had many roughed areas and splintering. We were determined to make this log home perfect for them.

brock wood restoration 2
Here you can see how the existing stain has failed and is not protecting the log home like it requires. do the water test on your log home, if the water does not bead off your logs, the logs are not protected and damage is occuring to the structural integrity of the log surfaces that can transfer into a situation of rot or deterioration of the camber layer.
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brock wood restoration 3
Here the crew is removing the masking tape and cleaning the windows, we are committed to making sure that every detail of the log home restoration process is perfect, including cleaning up the jobsite and working clean every day. We never leave a mess for the customer to deal with, that’s our job!

brock wood restoration 4
Now the log home look new again, actually, we like to think it looks better than new because the logs have been professionally prepared and ready to take on a deep penetrating wood finish such as Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based finish. The clear look of Lovitt’s really accentuates the grain pattern and natural beauty of the logs!

brock wood restoration 5
Another log home restored and protected by Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil base wood finish. The long term benefits of using a penetrating oil base wood finish are tremendous. Not only does the logs look great, the logs are also being protected from the inside out with high quality oils and resins that have penetrated into the cell structure and increased the structural integrity and strength of the logs.