Auffante Family

Auffante log home restore 1  Auffante log home restore 2
The Auffante’s log home had received multiple coats of wood finish over the years, he was concerned why the logs appearance had become so dark and muddy? Although Mr. Auffante was applying a new coat every spring for 6 years, he was not cleaning the logs properly in between coats and was actually trapping the dirt and mold under the subsequent coats of finish!
We recommend using Lovitt’s Wood Cleaner/Brightener Kits to clean and maintain your log home. It is essential the wood is properly cleaned and neutralized prior to recoating.

Auffante log home restore 3 Auffante log home restore 4
We performed a twin-chemical wash using Lovitt’s Cleaner and Brightener, we removed the existing failed finish and brightened the wood to a neutral PH. We then power and hand sanded the logs to perfection and applied 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish, back-brushing the product into the wood to saturation.
We finished up this project by custom painting the electrical boxes and metal brackets . Even when we paint trim, the surfaces are prepared professionally and we only use the highest quality paints and application equipment.
Call us now to restore your log home to a finish that’s bright and durable!