Our Specialty! Hundreds and hundreds of log homes have been restored and protected by MM Wood Restoration & Protection using Lovitt’s Professional Coatings! We are committed to providing a thorough, professional log home restoration that no ordinary painting contractor can fathom. We do things, and have the tricks, the tools, and the know how to restore & finish log homes in a way that can only be a trademark of MM Wood Restoration & Protection!

Quality, that’s our uncompromising mission, just ask our references! Our restored and refinished log homes stand out above the rest, whether close up admiring the log home or standing far away, you will be impressed by the attention to detail reflected in our work and enjoy the benefits of having the nicest looking log home around.

But even better than the beauty of your freshly finished log home, your logs will be protected from the harsh assault of mother nature for many years to come and we will put you on the right path for affordable long term care of your log home. In fact, we guarantee our methods, our service, and our products 100%! Whether you are looking to restore your existing log home or have your newly constructed log home finished inside and out, MM Wood Restoration & Protection has the answers regarding log home finishing and can provide you with affordable service and/or top quality products for your log home. Call us now to discuss your project!