Bafus Family

The Ambrose’s called us to discuss serious problems they were having with their log home. The home fell victim to extreme exposure from sun and rain for many years and portions of their home had developed rot. This corner was rotted so badly, it needed to be completely removed and replaced with new, perfectly matched logs!

The home is shored up and the logs are coming out, don’t trust this type of work to an average contractor! At this point, we noticed the sill plate was just starting to become affected so we got here just in time. This could have cost thousands to replace later. If you see any similar damage to your log home contact us today and we’ll be happy to take a look and see what we can do for you.

The logs are custom fitted, scribed and notched to match the existing style of the home.

The corner is almost complete, notice the tightness of the joints! These logs were kiln dried to the exact
moisture content required to eliminate any shrinkage concerns.

The log corner has been rebuilt and is ready for custom staining to match the surrounding logs.

The inside logs are custom stained to match the rest of the rustic interior. All electrical boxes are
shaped and reinstalled into the original locations.

We have many options for log repair, on this particular rotted log end the customer
opted for a “dutchman” log end repair.

Here is the completed “dutchman” log repair. If you have any deteriorated log ends, we may
be able to repair the problem early before it migrates into the joint causing bigger problems.