Cowell Family

cowell wood restoration 1 
Here we have built a temporary enclosure to protect the building from weather while the log repairs and being made
to the log home. This wall faces west and has very small overhangs to protect the logs from the weather. When it
rains, wind driven rain cascades down this wall and has caused extensive log rot in multiple areas.

cowell wood restoration 2
After the logs have been removed and the building shored up, we formulate a plan to rebuild the log wall using the exact
match in logs and duplicating the original building style.

cowell wood restoration 3
Here you can see the extent of the log rot as we are removing the logs from the corner of the log home.

cowell wood restoration 4
The logs are being scribed and fitted to an exact match to the original building style. Our craftsmen are the
most experienced log repair crew on the west coast, it is all we do.

cowell wood restoration 5
We are experts at matching the original log home design and style. When this repair is complete, it would be hard
to notice that anything ever happened to this log home. That is our goal, to repair the log home to its’ original condition
prior to the rot.

cowell wood restoration 6
The log repair is almost complete. The restoration crew has shown up on the jobsite and are preparing
to begin the restoration process on the rest of the log home.

cowell wood restoration 7
The log repair is complete and the restoration crew is taking over the jobsite, our goal is to restore the
remaining house and apply 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish using the Brown Sugar tint.
This process will only take 6 days to complete from start to finish.

cowell wood restoration 8
Here the crew is beginning the walnut shell blasting to remove the heavy bodied brown coating the
homeowner had applied over the years.

cowell wood restoration 9
After the log home blasting is complete, the crew goes to work sanding the log surfaces to provide a
perfect surface to accept Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish.

cowell wood restoration 10
The log home has been sanded and buffed to perfection and the crew is now applying the 2 coats of Lovitt’s
Natural Gold oil based wood finish. Notice how the Natural Gold is back brushed into the wood to achieve full
saturation of the product into the deep cells of the wood grain. Lovitt’s is a deep penetrating log home stain that
protects from the inside out, nourishing the cells of the wood with oils and resins specifically designed to lock out water
and protect the structural integrity of the logs.