Easterwood Family

easterwood wood restoration 1 
We built this log home in Spokane, WA. Here we have the exterior stained with Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish, even new wood needs to be cleaned and brightened prior to staining to be sure the wood is clean and the PH levels are right to accept a high quality finish like Lovitt’s.

easterwood wood restoration 2
Bring us your drawings and dreams and we know we can help you through the entire process of building a log home. We have the skill, connections, and sub-contractor lists that are the envy of every other log builder in the state. We don’t scribe the logs, that’s done in a log yard, we stack and finish the log home out for our customers on their site and can be your general contractor. Nobody has the experience in finishing log homes that we have, our carpenters are top in the industry and full of original and exciting ideas to help you along as you construct your dream home.

easterwood wood restoration 3
Whether you have aspirations for a giant lodge for your extended family, or just want a small log cabin in the woods, contact us now to help you find what you are looking for. We can design you a log home from scratch paper you bring into us with your hand drawings, and turn that into an engineered design and log shell package. We are log home general contractors, we can build your log home to top specifications and quality for you all the way to turn key if you wish, or just hire our carpenters along the way to help you construct the home as you need them. Either way, we are here for you throughout the entire process with expert advice and quality leads to the best products.