Hall Family

hall wood restoration 1 
Here, we are beginning the tear off of the existing log house trim to replace with new material, the rafters were uneven and had to be straightened out prior to installing the new cedar trim. The builder really did a horrible job in the construction of this log home and it had to be completely redone from the shell.

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hall wood restoration 4
hall wood restoration 5 hall wood restoration 6
The railings have been reinstalled correctly around the decking system, we had to install the correct blocking at the rim to be able to handle the weight of the heavy railing system. We then installed new 1×12 cedar rim board around the perimeter of the decking system. The Hall’s purchased this log home in Roslyn and had to undertake a lot of repair and restoration to get this cabin looking right. The previous owner had done a really terrible job with the exterior trim, the metal roof, the log railings, and the deck system. It was in really bad shape……

hall wood restoration 7
Here is an example of the horrible trim job that was done on this cabin, we couldn’t stop laughing when we arrived and saw some of the carpentry work that was done here previously.

hall wood restoration 8
Here us the same area after we repaired and finished the area correctly, the newly installed siding is awaiting custom staining to match the existing older cedar siding below it.

hall wood restoration 9
After the log home has been restored, sanded, and coated with 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish, we are installing the chinking between the logs, out the log ends, and sealing up the home so not even a bug can crawl in. We are experts at chinking, nobody takes the time and has the skilled chinkers we have, chinking is an art and our quality of work cannot be compared to any “blow and go” competitor out there!

hall wood restoration 10
Here is a shot of the chinking in the corner, our chink lines are the best in the industry! We take the time to tape off our lines and we work the surface smooth and feather the chinking perfectly into the wood, chinking is an art and not recommended to be done by unskilled artisans.

hall wood restoration 11 hall wood restoration 12
hall wood restoration 13
Here is the home completed and the Hall’s are ready to use their winter cabin for snowmobiling fun! Call us now
to repair your problems regarding your log home, no company has the experience and the affordability that
MM Wood Restoration & Protection can provide.