Luster Glaze

lusterglaze wood restoration 1 
When the owner of Luster Glaze car polishes and waxes called us, it was after much investigation into our company and our product Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil base wood finish. Being a chemist, and having a great understanding of the properties of chemistry, he broke down our formula and concluded that it was exactly what he had been searching for! We agree, as we know the ingredients of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based finish is unsurpassed in the retail market and is truly a professional grade product.

lusterglaze wood restoration 2
Luster Glaze chose the Natural tint, here’s the building now after 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish with Natural tint color. Our crews completed this project in 5 days and Luster Glaze is completely satisfied with the product and our workmanship! In fact, the word perfect slipped from the owners’ mouth…..