Meckel Engineering

meckel wood restoration 1 
The Meckel Engineering building had been a eyesore for many years in downtown Coeur d’ Alene. It was constructed in 1977 and prior to us getting there in 1999, no maintenance had been performed and the buildings siding was completely deteriorated. But we thought we could save the wood!

meckel wood restoration 2
Meckel Engineering was looking to class up their building to increase business sales and to be recognized in the community as a quality firm, their building was not portraying that image for them.

meckel wood restoration 3
After restoring the cedar siding and decking, then applying Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish, the building seems to be breathing a new life.

meckel wood restoration 4
As you can see from this close up, the wood was in dire shape!

meckel wood restoration 5
Only MM Crews are trained and certified as wood restoration professionals, no other company can match our speed and unique processes! Our experienced crews have the luxury of state of the art equipment and late model trucks and trailers. We feel that in order for the field crews to uphold our quality standards, we have to enable them with the best
equipment available to complete their job.

meckel wood restoration 6
After restoration using Lovitt’s Cleaner and Brightener and 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish with Honey tint! Call us now to bring your wood back to this condition, our estimates are free!