Notaras Lodge

notaras wood restoration 1 
he infamous Notaras Lodge in Soap Lake, WA has some of the nicest, biggest log buildings in Washington State! Here you see one of the lodges after the failed coating has been removed using Lovitt’s Cleaner and Brightener and sanded and prepared for staining.

notaras wood restoration 2
Here we are beginnning the staining process using Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish, Marina, the owner, chose the honey tint for her buildings!

notaras wood restoration 3
The Notaras has many log buildings, we decided to tackle them all at the same time!

notaras wood restoration 4
Here you see one of the buildings with 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish, Georgeous! These tamarack logs have a lot of character, the clear look of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish really accentuates the grain and knot patterns, isn’t that why you have invested in natural wood anyways?

notaras wood restoration 5
MM employees have state of the art equipment at their disposal, we own our own manlifts and equipment,
trucks, trailers, and manlifts are custom painted to let you know that we are here to take care of business
and to project a professional image to your neighbors.

notaras wood restoration 6
Call us now for a free estimate on your commercial lodge or buildings! We would love to show you our professional attitude, our hard working ethics, and our final results! We are proud of every single job our crews perform and we are there for our customers for the long term care of their investments!