Purdy Family

purdy wood restoration 1 
Here we are in the throws of a rotted log repair job, this was caused by driving rain into the corner which had unsealed checks running into the corner notches, this caused extensive rot down the entire corner! (this log home is only 10 years old)

purdy wood restoration 2
Here is the area after the repairs have been made, notice the tightness of all the joints, an MM Quality trademark in log repairs.

purdy wood restoration 3
Other areas of the home had light rot where log facing repairs were done, here we are hewning out the rotted “face” of the log preparing it to receive a new “face”.

purdy wood restoration 4
Here is the log between the windows that received a log veneer (face), this method is cheaper than full log replacement but can only be done on logs that have not been left to completely rot out to the center, call us now if you suspect you have some logs that may need this service.

purdy wood restoration 6
Here the new log veneer is installed, we install the face using epoxy resins and special lag bolts and plug with bark infused plugs to replicate a knot when finished.

purdy wood restoration 7
The left corner repair and 4 log faces were done on this wall, a pretty intense repair situation, but now the home looks as if nothing had occurred and the customer is excited and satisfied.