Reynolds Family

reynolds wood restoration 1 
This log home is Packwood, Wa was in need of a full restoration. We decided to use the Lovitt’s Cleaner/Brightener to remove the failed finish and get the wood ready for Lovitt’s Natural Gold Wood finish.

reynolds wood restoration 2
The appeal and the protection of this log home is very low right now, the logs are being compromised by the weather and the logs are beginning to show damage from the elements.

reynolds wood restoration 3
You can see the UV damage to the wood and the cedar siding up on the dormer has faded to a black color!

reynolds wood restoration 4
Here we are after the restoration and 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish!

reynolds wood restoration 5 reynolds wood restoration 6
Here you can see the side wall has been restored, sanded, and refinished with 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold wood finish, we used the cedar tint on this log home.

reynolds wood restoration 7
You can see we restored the logs and cedar siding to new condition! The Lovitt’s Cleaner/brightener kits restored the wood back to new condition and after 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish the home looks brand new again! That’s what the customer said…….100% Satisfied as always, we guarantee our work and finishes!