Rule Family

rule wood restoration 1 
The Rules have a beautiful log home near the golf course in Hayden Lake, ID, but was in need of restoration! Someone used a solid body finish on these logs years ago and the Rules did not like the way it looked, we assured them we could return their log home back to a natural look and we did just that.

rule wood restoration 2
The new look of their log home really created a buzz in their tightly knit neighborhood, we immediately did some of their neighbors homes over the next few years and now we have a pocket of satisfied customers in one neighborhood!

rule wood restoration 3
Before the restoration, their log home just sat in the background, very rarely getting any attention or looks from passers by.

rule wood restoration 4
Now the home jumps out at you, many of their neighbors commented on the transformation and have watched this house stay this way the last 10 years with light maintenance every 3-4 years! Call on the Rules to ask them about their experience with MM Wood Restoration & Protection! They are long time customers who know the value of a long term (and low cost) approach to maintaining their log home.