Villm Family

ramage wood restoration 2 
Tim is one of our regular customers who know the value of staying up on the maintenance of his log home. Every 3-4 years we come to his place to perform maintenance to keep the log home in tip top shape and protected from the elements, it’s a georgeous log home in Olympia, WA!

ramage wood restoration 2
Here is a shot of his parking overhang, we had to replace the posts, a scribed in header log, and do various other log repairs to this structure. An office was constructed above the original outdoor deck space, the weathering occuring on the overhang was too brutal and needed a covered structure, well, Tim needed a new office so it worked out perfectly! The new repaired logs are covered from weather and a new space was created in the home.

ramage wood restoration 3
5 years later, the finish is still holding up, but is ready for a light wash and recoat. That’s the nice thing about using Lovitt’s, the maintenance is simply a light wash using Lovitt’s Cleaner/Brightener kit and another coat of Lovitt’s Natural Gold wood finish! That’s it, no blasting, no sanding, just wash -tape off- spray!