Weldon Family

weldon wood restoration 1 
This cedar home has no overhangs, and is surrounded by old vegetation, this home has a lot of difficulty in finishing and we had to use our climbing apparatus to navigate the sun room windows without damaging the area.

weldon wood restoration 2
It has been 3 years since the original restoration we performed and the Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based finish is wearing very well as expected, now it’s time for a light wash and a fresh coat of Natural Gold to protect and astonish for the next 4 years!

weldon wood restoration 3
Here we are applying the Lovitt’s Natural Gold wood finish to the cedar shake siding, this customer understands the long term benefits of using a maintainable finish like Lovitt’s Natural Gold, a fully penetrating finish that protects the wood from the inside out. Maintenance is simply a light cleaning and one coat of fresh stain-Beautiful Again and protected for the next 4 years!

weldon wood restoration 4
You can see how Lovitt’s brings out the natural beauty of wood, not covering it up, but accentuating the grain patterns and natural character in wood! Nothing lasts longer, either!

weldon wood restoration 5
Lovitt’s Natural Gold looks great on all exterior wood!