Douglas Family

douglas wood restoration 1 
The Douglas residence in Stanwood was built over 60 years ago and hasn’t had much maintenance or care over the years. They called us to completely restore, remodel, and re-roof this log cabin on the lake.

douglas wood restoration 2
he old mortar was concrete and had to be chipped out prior to the restoration procedures. Here, the logs have been restored and stained, and is awaiting new chinking between the logs.

douglas wood restoration 3
The decks had to be replaced and some smaller posts had to be replaced with bigger ones to handle the load from the new roof build up with insulation and new metal roofing. We added R-38 to the roof and installed a new CHAMPION metal roof system. The rakes had to be rebuilt as the original cabin roof had sagged and was not true to begin with.

douglas wood restoration 4
Here you can see the new chinking installed between the logs, the logs have been restored and stained with Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based finish, and the new metal roof is going on. This job was completed in 16 days from start to finish! Call us now to restore your antique cabin, we have the experience to tackle any historical property and rebuild it to original specifications.