Brandon Family

Brandon wood restoration 1 
The Brandon’s were concerned about the condition of their log sided home and called us to help. The existing stain
was not able to stand up to the high sun and weather exposure and failed in a short period of time.

Brandon wood restoration 2 Brandon wood restoration 3

Our technicians began work on their home, we used Lovitt’s Wood Cleaner and Brightener to remove the deteriorated stain and brighten the wood to a neutral PH. The walls were prepared by hand and power sanding to achieve a perfectly prepared surface.

Brandon wood restoration 4 Brandon wood restoration 5
Brandon wood restoration 6
Here is the end result of our processes and the log siding is enjoying 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based exterior
finish! The quality ingredients of Lovitt’s Natural Gold will protect this home for years to come.
This Job was completed from start to finish in 5 days, call us now to get your log siding restored and protected!