Bruland Family

bruland wood restoration 1 
Does your cedar siding look dark and tired? The Bruland’s cedar home didn’t have the curb appeal it once had……
The Bruland’s called us asking if we could help them with their cedar siding.

bruland wood restoration 2
Here you see how the Lovitt’s Wood Cleaner has loosened the existing failed finish from the wood surface, a process of
breaking the bonds between the coating and the wood fibers, the old coating is easily removed using low pressure.

bruland wood restoration 3
The curb appeal is back, the cedar siding looks new again, and the Bruland’s will enjoy this protection for many years
to come as it is stained with Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish!

bruland wood restoration 4
The siding has been restored to like new condition and during the entire process, somehow these flowers survived!
That is because our professional crews take great caution to protect and minimize the effects to the surrounding
vegetation and surfaces not receiving treatment.