Burck Family

burck wood restoration 1 burck wood restoration 2 
This log home sits in the middle of the city of Tukwila, Wa, a very unlikely place for a log home! This log home was built over
60 years ago, way before the city had developed around it! We were contracted to restore the exterior logs, rebuild the
rotted logs that held up the decking system, and replace various posts and supports that had rotted away. We also
applied chinking to the exterior and interior of this cabin.

burck wood restoration 3
We chose the walnut shell blasting method to restore the logs! The multiple layers of paints and coatings had built up over the years and were very difficult to remove. The logs were then power and hand sanded to a smooth finish.

burck wood restoration 4
Here is the logs after receiving 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish and the chinking has
been installed! Neville opted for the Natural tint color for the stain and chose TAN color for the chinking.

burck wood restoration 5 burck wood restoration 6
The decks were cleaned using Lovitt’s Wood Cleaner & Brightener, sanded lightly, and finished with 2 coats of
Lovitt’s Natural Gold Wood Finish using Natural tint color.

burck wood restoration 7
The log home looks new again, only 60 years old! Please call us right now for a free estimate to restore
your log home back to the original look!