Callanan Family

callanan wood restoration 1 
The callanan’s place on Lake Coeur d’ Alene was in desperate need of some attention. The product they had
used during new construction began to turn black in only a few short months. The problem, we suspect, was
improper cleaning and preparation of the cedar siding.

callanan wood restoration 2
Here, we are beginning the pressure washing of the cedar siding. We have already applied the Lovitt’s Wood Cleaner
to the wood and let it sit for about 30 minutes to break down the stain. Once we are done cleaning the wood, we will
apply the second step of Lovitt’s wood brightener/neutralizer to PH balance the wood and neutralize the cleaning
agents in the cleaner. The surrounding vegetation and soil is unharmed and left PH balanced.

callanan wood restoration 3
The Cedar home is restored to better than new condition! Call us today to receive a free estimate to restore your cedar home, we pride ourselves in our fast service, affordable pricing, and quality work! Just ask our references, they will tell you…..