Coty Family

coty wood restoration 1 coty wood restoration 2 
The Cody’s log home has to battle the forces of weather in Federal Way, WA. They called us to help them with the condition
of their log home. Upon inspection, we found that the logs were in pretty good shape underneath all that mold and heavy
failed stain on the log home. The customer opted for finely ground walnut shell blasting as the removal method, and of
course, we followed the blasting with intense sanding and preparation work on the logs until they were in
perfect shape for staining.

coty wood restoration 3 coty wood restoration 4
The log rails were in bad shape and some replacements were going to be necessary on a few rails and posts that were rotted out.

coty wood restoration 5
Here we are using the our specially designed blasting equipment with finely ground walnut
shell to remove the heavy coating (acrylic) from the log home.

coty wood restoration 6
After the blasting portion is completed and the walnut shell is completely cleaned up, we move to the sanding
portion of the restoration. Our craftsmen will go over every square inch of the log home, including detailing corners,
sanding soffits, railings, and of course the logs themselves until all the imperfections are gone. We use power and
hand sanding methods to achieve the optimum prepared surface ready to receive Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish.

coty wood restoration 7 coty wood restoration 8
Here’s the Cody’s log home following our restoration and finished with 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based finish with
a honey tint. These logs are now protected, and future maintenance will have nothing to do with a blasting machine.
Lovitt’s Natural Gold is designed for long term maintenance for log homes requiring only a light wash using
Lovitt’s Cleaner/Brightener Kits between coats.

coty wood restoration 9
Close up you can see the deep penetration of the Lovitt’s Natural Gold into the wood surfaces, nourishing and
protecting the logs from the inside out with its’ high solid content of natural oils and resins. It brings out the
characteristics of each log, in a way that makes it hard not to stare and admire.

coty wood restoration 10
After the repairs and restoration of the remaining log railings, the deck looks new again
and is protected from the forces of nature.