Chia Family

chia wood restoration 1 
This home was finished by our company 6 years ago in Kirkland, WA right on the waterfront, where it receives the
full fury of the ocean. Here, as you can see, the Lovitt’s Natural Gold coating has not darkened or turned black. It
simply looks a little dry, the Natural Gold penetrates deeply into the wood protecting it from the inside out. When the surface
wears, a simple light wash and recoat is all that is necessary, no stripping or sanding!

chia wood restoration 2
After cleaning with Lovitt’s Cleaner and Brightener (at half solution for maintenance cleaning), we are masking off
the windows, doors, and whatever else needs protecting in the surrounding areas.

chia wood restoration 3
This time around the customer opted to use the honey tint color at double strength (2 -16 oz cans of tint per 5 gallons)
to gain more richness of tint into the finish. Lovitt’s Natural Gold comes in a clear formula with tint cans separate, this
allows custom tinting to the customers liking.

chia wood restoration 4
The backside of the house gets the most sun exposure, after 6 years, this side probably could have used a
little maintenance a year earlier.

chia wood restoration 5
No problem, we just used the Lovitt’s Cleaner and Brightener at full strength and brought the wood back to where we
wanted it to be, then we applied 2 coats of Lovitt’s Natural Gold with the double honey tint.

chia wood restoration 6
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