Janeway Family

janeway wood restoration 1 
The Janeway’s had a badly rotted corner that had been left unattended for too long. The rot had spread into the floor joists and down into the lower floor wall framing and french doors. We are going to remove the rotted logs and replace them, re-frame the lower wall and install new french doors and siding below.

janeway wood restoration 2
As you can see here as we pulled back the decking, the logs have been left unprotected from the water assault. With no gutters collecting the rainwater, splashing water falling from the roof and splashing on the logs caused brown rot to develop very quickly.

janeway wood restoration 3
First, all the doors and windows in the repair area were removed or protected. The customer decided to install new windows on the entire front of the home as they were all over 20 years old and they wanted some filtering from the sun as the existing windows were clear with no tinting.

janeway wood restoration 4
The logs have been removed and new logs have been installed, the wall below was taken out and reframed, you can see the jack support brackets here being installed to support the weight of the upper floors during the reframing going on in the daylight basement wall. Don’t trust this type of work to any contractor, we have the skilled craftsmen with extensive experience to deal with these situations, call us now for a free estimate to repair your log home.

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