Kissner Family

kissner wood restoration 1 
The Kissners bought this log home in the Spokane area unfinished from the bank. We came in to help them finish the house so they could move into it as soon as possible. First, we had to restore the exterior and interior as the logs were allowed to sit in weather for a few years before the roof system was put on. The exterior was going to receive Lovitt’s Natural Gold wood finish and the interior was going to have Lovitt’s Platinum Interior log home finish applied, but first we had a few weeks of log preparation to get to that point.

kissner wood restoration 2
Here we are applying Lovitt’s Wood Cleaner to the wood surfaces. Once the cleaner is allowed to work for a few minutes, we will use low pressure power washing to clean the dirt, mold, and atmospheric grime from the logs. After cleaning, the logs will receive Lovitt’s Brightener/Neutralizer to counteract the effects of the wood cleaner and to leave the logs bright and PH correct.

kissner wood restoration 3
This log home is unfinished inside, only the windows are installed. We would prefer to be there after the roof is on but before any windows are installed and electrical and plumbing, but we will have to protect the new windows during this phase of the finishing project. The interior is washed with the same method as the exterior. (This can only be done during new construction)

kissner wood restoration 4
After the washing is complete our crew goes to work sanding and prepping the logs to a perfect surface ready to accept Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based wood finish.

kissner wood restoration 5
All interior log surfaces are prepared for Lovitt’sPlatinum Interior Log Home Finish, this process only has to be done one time for the life of the cabin. Don’t use inferior interior products, only use the best interior finish available, the labor cost to remove and redo an interior on a log home is very expensive and time consuming! It’s the saddest mistake we commonly see-overlooking the interior finish or doing a bad one coat job. It only has to be done once, so do it right!

kissner wood restoration 6
Call us now for a free estimate to finish the interior of your new log home. We can honestly say that our interior finishes create a look of fine furniture and nobody knows how to use Lovitt’s Platinum Interior log home finish like we do! We can build the finish with multiple coats, sanding between coats to create a depth and amazing finish like no other! Call on our experience to make your home interior astounding!