Kurth Family

kurth wood restoration 1 
Joe and Monica Kurth gave us an emergency call as their back deck porch cover had collapsed in high winds and they needed help right away. Joe was supporting the full collapse with his tractor when we showed up.

kurth wood restoration 2
Our guys got to work duplicating the original logs and building method, here we are hand peeling fir logs for the rafters. We had to match the existing material exactly, and Joe wanted the roof to be redone using the old shakes so it didn’t look like any repairs had been made to the rustic structure. We reclaimed all the shakes, and had to make some more out of old stock we had at our shop location.

kurth wood restoration 3
The new logs are installed along with new larger support posts, the original logs were too small to support the weight so we installed bigger diameter logs of the same species and peel style.

kurth wood restoration 4
Here is the job completed and the Kurth’s can enjoy their deck again without worry.

kurth wood restoration 5
The reclaimed shakes and the new crafted shakes really blend into the existing roof and is barely distinguishable. The owner hand split these shakes 20 years ago and wanted them back on to preserve the rustic look of the cabin, and well, he just loved those cedar shakes!

kurth wood restoration 6
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