Parker Family

parker wood restoration 1a 
Cindy Parker’s residence in Whatcom County needed a full restoration of the siding, a new sunroom built, and new rear patio cover installed. We contracted with Cindy to transform her home into a beautiful sight for sore eyes!

parker wood restoration 1
The decking was going to be removed and a new deck system is going to be installed, our carpenters are the best in the west, guaranteed quality and experience!

parker wood restoration 2
Our restoration crew came in and restored the cedar siding to new condition! Now it is time to tear down the old sun room and build a new, updated custom sun room by MM Wood Restoration & Protection!

parker wood restoration 3
Here we are tearing down the old sunroom, recycling what we can, and taking the rest to the landfill as required. We respect old wood and try to reclaim what we can for our customers future use or to build planters, benches, shelves, or boxes for them on site during the construction.

parker wood restoration 4
New framing is in progress on the sunroom, we like to build things better than they have to be, it’s part of our commitment to build structures with old school methodology of doing it right the first time and use the most quality components available, we want our structures to stand the test of time and exude quality and strength.

parker wood restoration 5
Here the windows have been installed and the sheeting is going up…….Quality, that is our mission from start to finish!

parker wood restoration 6
The ground is being prepared for new concrete on the entry way and the new doors to be installed on the sunroom.

parker wood restoration 7
The new deck system is built and the deck boards are going down. Our carpenters are experienced in all phases of construction.

parker wood restoration 9
The cedar shake roofing is being applied and this project is right on schedule to be completed in 2 weeks time! Our crews are fast and efficient and leave very little waste from our materials. We believe the environment is equally important as we are and keeping material out of the landfills is our mission when possible.

parker wood restoration 10
Installing cedar roofing really gets a guy thirsty!