Pittinger Family

pittinger wood restoration 1 
Mr. Pittingers’ residence had Behr Rawhide applied to it many years ago. The coating had grown clumps of black mildew, mold, and accumulated oils and needed to be removed! We are experts at the removal of Rawhide, and No. 13 wood finishes from Behr. We have helped many of our customers cut through the guesswork and take care of their problem, we need to see your home to determine the correct removal method as each Rawhide & No. 13 finished homes have special methods required to remove this tough coating.

pittinger wood restoration 2
Here the Behr Rawhide has been removed from the cedar siding using a chemical strip (must be professionally done), the wood neutralized and PH balanced to receive the Lovitt’s Natural Gold wood finish. In the bottom corner you can see some sample areas as we are working with the customer to achieve the color tone desired. Lovitt’s Natural Gold is versatile as the tints come separate and are mixed into the clear formula on the job site to desired effect.

pittinger wood restoration 3
The siding is clean, brightened, and ready for Lovitt’s Natural Gold oil based stain.

pittinger wood restoration 4
While our crews were there, we cleaned the moss and mildew from the stone work and waterproofed it with Lovitt’s Top Bead masonry sealer.

pittinger wood restoration 5
The daylight basement wall came out very nice, it was in the worst shape of all the walls to begin with…….

pittinger wood restoration 6
Here the siding is finished with Lovitt’s Natural Gold with a Honey tint! The customer could not be happier and the house
looks brand new again!