Sibonga Family

sibonga wood restoration 1 
This beautiful and unique Seattle home was a diamond in the rough, over the years the previous homeowners used a variety of coating on the natural wood surfaces of this home, the Sibongas wanted the wood back to natural, they called the right team for that!

sibonga wood restoration 2
Here is the painted wall after the Walnut shell blasting procedure is done, removing paint from logs is one of our specialties, wait til you see the end results!

sibonga wood restoration 3
We definitely had our work cut out for us on this project, lots of high work areas and no room for our manlift, lots of ladder work and rigging to complete this project.

sibonga wood restoration 4
This log was replaced with this new 32′ post, not an easy task just getting the log into the work area, very heavy! Here it is installed with new railings also.

sibonga wood restoration 5
Here we are applying the first coat of Lovitt’s Emerald Gold low VOC oil based wood finish.

sibonga wood restoration 6
We also installed and stained a front entry way into their property, nice….