Thompson Family

thompson wood restoration 1 
This log home on snoqualmie pass was originally finished with Lovitt’s Natural Gold 6 years prior! All that was required to bring it back to new condition was a treatment of Lovitt’s Cleaner/Brightener and a light power wash.

thompson wood restoration 2
After 6 years of wear on the top of snoqualmie pass, you can see the finish is fading, but not turning black or discoloring like other products will. Simply, all we have to do is a light maintenance wash and recoat, no blasting or heavy sanding required!

thompson wood restoration 3
The posts and deck rails were exposed, after 6 years with no maintenance, you can see that it is past due for a recoat.

thompson wood restoration 4
Here we are, ready to battle the elements for the next seasons to come! The cost of a Lovitt’s Natural Gold recoat is less than half of what a full restoration with another product would have cost. This customer is saving money in the long run!